How Freelo helps companies

We asked our great clients about it. You can read all the practical examples how to work with Freelo in case studies.

How Freelo helps design world-class buildings
Event agency
How Raul ditched pencils, notebooks and e-mails. Events like Jizerska 50, Behej Lesy and other are organised in Freelo
Products for cleaning and maintenance
How Kärcher keeps its tasks in order with Freelo
Innovation Centre
How Freelo contributes to inventions in PrusaLab
How volunteers manage Bike for ADAMA and the collection for other disabled children with Freela
Industrial design
How the revolutionary of female intimacy Anna Marešová designs in Freelo
Digital Agency
With Freelo, Honza Černý has a lighter head and the Posobota organization
How Greenwatt manages the entire PV contract: from enquiry to installation and service at Freelo
How GoMobil and other GoProjects from České Budějovice manage their teams in Freelo
Digital Agency
How Freelo helps the marketing agency Pá to manage cooperation with clients and meet deadlines
Healthy lifestyle eCommerce
7 years of KetoDiet in Freelo: How did they do a complete corporate rebranding?
Auto/Moto Digital Agency
How three different departments at BARTH Autocentre Freelo outsource their work
How the Pet Heroes nonprofit organization runs an animal rescue, shelter, and e-shop in Freelo
Corporate Development
How Talentwork manages projects more efficiently and without communication noise thanks to Freelo
How the Grizly nut e-shop manages production, sales, external collaboration and marketing at Freelo
How Sparta football team managed the change of visual identity in Freelo and how it continues to manage projects today
Construction Materials
How DEK Construction manages the team remotely using Freelo
Digital Agency
How digital agency Beneficio streamlined project management and communication with clients thanks to Freelo
How Freelo helps fruit lovers from Fruitisimo manage projects
Online agency
How Honza Bartos' Facebook agency organizes its work
How e-shop uses Freelo for project management
About e-shop management with What's not in Freelo, doesn't happen
How they organize hundreds of workshops in FotoSkoda through Freelo, manage marketing and communicate with externalists
Taxes and accounting
How tax and accounting experts at Mazars solved sudden homeoffice with Freelo
In-store design specialists from Authentica improved internal communication and streamlined work organization with Freelo
Online agency
Performance and content agency Suzzie uses Freelo to track deadlines and budgets
Travel agency
How Yachters Baby sailors use Freelo to steer adventure holidays on ships and catamarans
IT company
Thanks to Freelo, Simplia is better and faster to realize large e-commerce projects
Accounting company
How in MC accounting and taxes organize work with agile scrum and why they left Trello for Freelo
Online agency
How PPC specialists from steer million-dollar campaigns through Freelo
Sports platform
How Flexiliga in Freelo together with the Web Service develops an international application for athletes
At Sanasport Freelo saves time and energy to a 50‑member team every day
IT company
In they reduced the amount of e-mails with external partners by half thanks to Freelo
How Freelo helped to streamline the management of 70 employees in garden centre
How military school students sent their code to the ISS space station thanks to Freelo
Online agency
2Score plays the major league in sports marketing and Freelo helps them significantly
E-shop Communication with external teams has improved significantly