Features for happier and more efficient teams

  • No more unclear e‑mail conversations
  • Get more done with less effort
  • Get an overview of the financial side of your projects
For teams & freelancers - web, mobile, Mac, Windows.
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Jan Rozkošný

Editor-in-Chief of DVTV

“We started using Freelo just to get organized and get a better overview. And it works!”

Michal Švéda

Online specialist in People in Need

”We have been using Freelo for the first year and I have to say that it has made our team work much more efficient.”

Miroslav Valný

Marketing Production Manager, CZC.cz

”Communication is clear, all tasks are in one place and the work with Freelo is decreasing nicely .

project management

Projects and To-Do lists are finally clear

Freelo is the one Tool to help you with the team's daily agenda.

Project page inside of Freelo application

Smart notifications on your computer and mobile phone

  • Clearly differentiated notification types
  • Mode „Do not disturb“ and advanced settings for notifications you don't/won't want to receive.
  • Features: Remind me later, Unread Only, Add to My priorities
  • Advanced filtering in all notifications
Notification menu inside of Freelo application at sign image

Clear file storage in every project

  • Uploading new file versions and browse history.
  • Creating folders and plunging.
  • Option to colour your folders and files.
  • Option to attach files to a project.
  • Ability to work with services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, ...
  • Filtering by file names and types.
  • Discussions in files and notes details with notifications.
  • Sharing outside Freelo via a generated public link.
File management inside of the Freelo application Locked chest illustration

Let go of routine activities and set repeated tasks

  • Weekly review
  • 1-to-1 retrospective
  • Invoicing to clients
Repeated task form inside of the Freelo application Hour glass illustration
columns or rows

Set the task view in projects as you wish

  • Kanban columns for the method: Inbox, In-Progress, Done
  • Simple switching between views
Kanban view over To-Do lists inside of Freelo application Swimming shark illustration
Freelo speaks your language

Czech, English, Slovak, ...

Freelo can also be easily switched to German, Polish, Spanish, Dutch, Estonian, Hungarian, Danish, Romanian and Latvian.

other languages:
Ing. Lucie Baránková Vilamová, Ph.D.

Mayor, Statutory City of Ostrava - Municipal District Poruba

”Freelo is clear, understandable and intuitive. It is a great tool for communication and collaboration.”

Pavel Storek

Sales Manager Adriatic, Product manager CEE OLYMPUS CZECH GROUP

”Freelo helps us share and coordinate. And we love to help Czech projects!”

Martina Pištěláková

Interior designer of the show Jak se stavi sen

”We tried Trello, Basecamp, but it was Freelo that really won us over. It's intuitive, fast and the mobile app is a big advantage.”

Managing a larger company

Turn on efficiency with the Business plan

  • Business dashboard brings statistics, reports and advanced user management
  • Have absolute visibility and control over your business
  • Get absolute visibility over projects and people
  • Find out what performance people are doing and compare them to each other and over time
  • Reassign all tasks from one employee to another in a few clicks
  • See all the features of the Business Panel.
User management feature inside of Business panel Surfing person illustration
Custom fields

Create a miniCRM, link Freelo to your IS, write special statuses, ...

  • Keep even better track of orders and clients
  • Write notes on the task that do not fit in the comments
  • Connect Freelo to your information system or ERP
  • Available in tariff Business
Custom fields feature inside of the Freelo application Opened chest with particles comming out
WBS - project start

Break a project down from larger parts into smaller ones quickly and easily with Mind Map

  • Work breakdown structure (WBS) in the Mind map environment now in Freelo
  • Lightning-fast keyboard control
  • Hierarchical view of the project structure
  • Available on all plans except Free
  • See the Mind Map help.
Mind map feature inside of the Freelo application Light bulb illustration
Timeline / Gantt chartNew

Lightning-fast planning with Timeline

  • Saves time and energy for managers and bosses.
  • You'll see right away what fits where.
  • "Big picture" of the project plan.
  • Simple yet full of features.
  • See what our Timeline can do.
Timeline feature inside of the Freelo application Clams and pearls illustration

Clear and easy communication for everyone

  • Files directly in the text
  • Color formatting
  • Record audio commentary and screen instead of typing text
  • Quick replies to marked text
  • Access setting allows you to invite clients to projects
Communication over a single task inside the Freelo application Two palm trees with a net hanging between them
apple-square-icon android-square-icon mobile or tablet

Apple or Android, install the Freelo app in App Store or Google Play

Comfortable work from anywhere and any device.

Project page inside of Freelo mobile app
overview across the projects

No task gets bogged and everyone knows what to work on

Dashboard with custom views helps to check tasks and their status across all the projects you are invited to. The basic views Assigned to me or I created myself ensure that everyone in the team know, which tasks to deal with and what are their due dates.

Dashboard feature inside of the Freelo application Telescope illustration
Finances & Reports

Work reports in clear charts, custom filters and saved views

  • Wide filtering options
  • Saving custom views e.g. IT team, Marketing team, etc.
  • Summary information according to: Users, Projects, To-Do lists
  • CSV Export
Overviews of reported work inside of the Freelo application
keep the know-how

Delegate quickly and easily with process templates

  • Even if the most capable people in your team leave, the preciously acquired procedures and instructions remain in templates
  • Easy creation and care of templates on all levels - project, To‑Do list, sub/task
  • Share templates with the whole team easily
  • Delegate complex tasks to part-time workers in a few clicks
  • Deadlines and usually assigned users can be preset in the templates
Project template creation feature inside of the Freelo application Octopus on a chest illustration
finances & reporting

Monthly and weekly summaries of who worked on which task/project

  • Have a great overview of what and how much costs you and who is (not) working
  • No reported minute or euro is missed, and you can trace everything back within a few clicks
  • Wide filtering options
  • Saving custom views e.g. IT team, Marketing team, etc.
  • Summary information according to: Users, Projects, To-Do lists
  • CSV Export
Work reports feature inside of the Freelo application Piece of paper with some fish drawn onto it and a feather next to it
team notes

Write down the client's assignment, campaign brief or a FAQ for your team

  • Determine who can access the note easily
  • Pinning a note to a To-Do list provides the right context
  • You can upload files to the note and start a conversation there just like in tasks
  • Sharing via a public link from a note makes a great way to show anything to anyone outside of Freelo
  • The edit history of the note ensures that no information is lost in time
Note taking feature inside of the Freelo application
finances & reporting

Recurring budgets are great for long‑term client collaborations

  • Keep your financial or time budget in sight all the time
  • Set a budget repetition, and then the costs and time will be cut from the budget
  • Easily find out how much you have earned
Budgeting feature inside of the Freelo application
finances & reporting

Time tracking helps record time/costs spent on tasks and projects

  • Easy to use for every team member
  • Smart multiplication by hourly rate and spend time
  • Possibility to enter a one-time financial expense
Timetracking feature inside of the Freelo application Illustration with various finance symbols
planning calendar

Work planning for your team can't be any easier

  • Drag a task in the left column and schedule it directly to the day/hour
  • Detailed filtering between projects and users
  • Easy switching between views: Month, Week, Week with times, Daily agenda
Calendar feature inside of the Freelo application Map and compass illustration

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