How volunteers manage Bike for ADAMA and the collection for other disabled children with Freela

For Freelo asks Veronika Planíková
Martin Souček is responsible for Bike for ADAMA

The bike for ADAMA is made up of 10 volunteers. They organize sports challenges, reach out to partners and do everything they can to raise money for the non-profit Černí koně to make special bikes for disabled children. They do everything in their free time without any remuneration. This is a great motivation to work as efficiently as possible.

„We owe Freelo for better organization of work and clarity. Our teamwork has become faster, because there is no time to keep track of different tasks, emails and other information.“

Martin Souček – Chairman of the association Bike for ADAMA

How the Bicycle for ADAMA came into being

Adam was in the beginning. But instead of Eve came the devastating diagnosis of a brain stem tumor. A difficult operation left its aftermath, and it looked like the three-year-old boy was just going to be laid up. But after 7 long years, he managed to get moving again on a child's handcycle. The adult handbike, however, was far beyond the family's budget. That's why the Bicycle for ADAM sports challenge was created, thanks to which today not only Adam, but also 63 other children are pedalling.

No time to waste

Previously, volunteers communicated with each other by phone, text, email and WhatsApp. Then it was difficult to know what a message was about. And tracking something down was basically unrealistic. That's why the chairman of the association, Martin Souček, searched the internet and contacted Freelo.

„Freelo met my requirements. Moreover, I liked that it is a Czech company like most of our partners.“

Martin Souček – Chairman of the association Bike for ADAMA
School teams are also involved in sporting challenges. The bikes made with the money raised often go to children in the surrounding area. Source: archive Bicycle for ADAMA.

The combination of meetings and asynchronous work in Freelo has proven itself

Volunteers have to combine their activity for the Wheel for ADAMA with their work, family and other activities. That is why they hold meetings remotely via video calls. During the meeting, a task tray is created, and further tasks are then created by individual volunteers as needed.

„I find it very effective to take minutes of the meeting directly in the form of tasks.“

Martin Souček – Chairman of the association Bike for ADAMA
The minutes of the meeting take the form of a To-Do sheet with tasks. Source: archive Bicycle for ADAMA.

Most popular Freela features

  • Logical organization of tasks into To-Do sheets.
  • Assignment of solver. It is always clear who is in charge of the task.
  • Deadlines for assignments.
  • Discussion below the task.
  • Helps you organise documents.

„Clarity, traceability and intuitiveness are the words that come to mind when I say Freelo.“

Martin Souček – Chairman of the association Bike for ADAMA

Volunteers in the Wheel for ADAMA have already exchanged more than 500 comments.

230 days
1 project
247 tasks
500+ comments
Participants in the sports challenge try to cover as many kilometres as possible by any movement. Sponsors then donate an adequate amount. Source: archive Bicycle for ADAMA.

Tips for the end

Use a call sign to refer to specific people directly in comments. Respond directly to sections of text and create tasks from comments. This will make your job easier and the discussion clearer.

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