How Talentwork manages projects more efficiently and without communication noise thanks to Freelo

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For over 14 years, Talentworkprofessionals have been teaching to develop thepotential and talents of individuals, teams and companies. They were the first in the Czech Republic to help companies introduce remote working. They know a thing or two about it themselves, with a whole ⅔ of their employees working remotely, even from Costa Rica. Their 24-member team is constantly growing, so assigning tasks via email was no longer the right thing to do. How does Freelo help them in their newly implemented processes?

All tasks must be in Freelo (especially not in email). As the company has grown and more colleagues have become involved, the pressure to communicate effectively has increased, and thanks to Freelo we've been able to do that.“

Monika Martochová Co-founder of Talentwork
The cheerful Talentorowk team at breakfast. Source: archive of

With the growth of the team came the need for new work processes

Tasking via emails, spreadsheets and checklists was no longer sustainable. That's why Talentwork knew they had to make some major changes. They reshuffled processes, moved to departmental and project management and introduced Freelo.

„Before, it wasn't easy to just take over a task. Now, thanks to Freelo, the whole coordination team is involved and the coordinators are more easily replaceable.“

Monika Martochová Co-founder of Talentwork
Demonstration of the Talentwork project in Freelo. Source: archive of

6 reasons why Talentwork decided to use Freelo

  • It is in Czech,
  • is simple,
  • constantly and rapidly evolving,
  • has connections to Raynet and other systems,
  • is user-friendly,
  • has excellent customer support.
Talentwork coordinators. Source: archive of

Freelo helped us empty our heads

Talentwork uses Freelo to manage orders, large and internal projects and entire departments - both marketing and HR work with it. Everyone is trained on how to work with projects and tasks in Freelo and most communication takes place there. This makes work easier and saves time for the whole team.

„Thanks to this, the management knows what is being worked on, what needs to be completed, and we do not do any micromanagement. Meetings are substantive, fast and efficient. Freelo has helped us 'empty our heads'.

Monika Martochová Co-founder of Talentwork
Sample discussion in Freelo. Source: archive of

In Talentwork, they successfully finished 2.200 tasks in 42 projects.

42 projects
20 active users
6.000+ all tasks
6.800+ comments on tasks

Most useful features of Freelo according to Talentwork

  • Templates that can be customized,
  • kanban board,
  • Project overview,
  • recurring tasks.
How Talentwork works with the kanban board in Freelo. Source: archive of

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Finally, a practical tip from Talentwork

Use templates. You can tailor them to your project specifications and it will save you work and time.

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