How the Grizly nut e-shop manages production, sales, external collaboration and marketing at Freelo

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From a children's room to large production halls with a hundred employees and sales of half a billion CZK a year. This is the story of Dominik Píchal andhis e-shop Grizly.czwhere lovers of quality healthy food, nuts, dried fruit and other goodies will find something to love. He joined Freelo with his team at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis and still manages several departments there.

Freelo is one of our most important tools for internal communication and communication with external tools. We manage all projects through Freelo, even a large IT project with hundreds of tickets per month. Freelo is simple and everyone was happy to start working with it. Among other things, I find it nice that it is in Czech and with Czech support.“

Dominik Píchal CEO and Managing Director,
Dominik Píchal in a warehouse full of nuts and other goodies. Source: archive

We want to triple our turnover in three years

Back in 2014, Dominik Píchal was packing and shipping one order a week from his parents' nursery and sauna. Eight years later, together with a team of more than 100 people, he runs his own production, packing and e-shop in large halls , expands abroad, picks up 7,500 orders a week and plans to triple the current turnover in the next 3 years. The success of the Olomouc e-shop was underlined by the Quality Award in the Food and Beverages category in the Heureka ShopRoku 2021 competition.

Source: archive

We couldn't function with coloured sticky notes on the monitors anymore

A big challenge for the Grizly team recently has been the increase in turnover and the transition from a small family business with two people making decisions to a large organisation with a broad management team. This entails the division of responsibilities and tasks within the larger team. In order for all members to work together effectively, they boarded Freelo.

Example of project distribution in Freelo. Source: archive

„Before, we had assignments scattered in bits and pieces in shared documents or emails, and we taped coloured papers to our monitors. Freelo helped us to create separate projects, divide them into To-Do sheets and define individual tasks. This allowed us to coordinate activities on a daily basis and communicate operatively and flexibly within the team."

Romana Kohoutová Strategic Projects Development Manager,
How works with To-Do lists, labels, deadlines and priorities for tasks in Freelo. Source: archive

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10 reasons why chose Freelo for project management

  • Excellent and clear collaborative platform,
  • easy implementation,
  • in Czech,
  • apps for desktop and mobile,
  • to get the team on board quickly,
  • all tasks in one place,
  • creating new tasks directly from email.
  • we can create procedures and guidelines that everyone can access,
  • easy assignment of responsibilities to colleagues,
  • prioritization of tasks and the ability to sort and move them between To-Do lists.
Completion of the customer's order in Source: archive has successfully completed over 3,000 tasks in 50 projects so far.

50 projects
87 active users
4.000+ all tasks
20.000+ comments on tasks

Freelo as a repository of ideas and a tool for communication with outsiders

The Grizly team uses Freelo for long and short-term projects across departments. There they store new ideas, share trends and other information that shouldn't be lost in time.

Example of team's communication in Freelo regarding new product development. Source: archive

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A sample kanban/column project. Source: archive

„In Freelo we deal with many different topics. From planning marketing campaigns to new product development, commenting on e-shop modifications, mapping and setting up new work processes, dealing with strategic projects to legal and business agendas. We also use Freelo to communicate with external suppliers and collaborating agencies.“

Romana Kohoutová Strategic Projects Development Manager,
Graphics approval process of team in Freelo. Source: archive

Finally, a practical tip from

Use the option to create new tasks directly from your email. This streamlines communication and motivates colleagues to switch from email to Freelo.

Part of the team. Source: archive
Field eCommerce
Team Online
Team size ~100
Freelo logo on a screen
Get in Freelo and achieve goals with less effort
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