How GoMobil and other GoProjects from České Budějovice manage their teams in Freelo

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A large holding company with elements of a family business. Such are the GoProjects in České Budějovice, headed by the marketing tool GoSMS or, for example, the mobile operator GoMobilwhich is liked by almost 50,000 customers. As the work of some employees intertwines all the projects, they were looking for the right solution for efficient task management. After testing the biggest players on the market, GoNavigators finally landed in Freelo for several reasons.

„Sometimes it's still punk, but thanks to Freelo we have the right system in place. We switch between projects in our heads and in Freelo.“

Milan Pleva – Marketing and Sales Manager GoMobil
GoMobil's marketing and product team. Source: archive of

GoMobil relies on tailored tariffs and listening to customers

There are about 100 mobile operators in the Czech Republic, with the vast majority of the market dominated by the three largest players: T-Mobile, O2 and Vodafone. Compared to them, GoMobil, which has been on the market for almost 9 years, highlights some of its advantages: it listens to its customers and tailors individual tariffs for them.

GoZajímavost: Do you know how mobile operators work in the Czech Republic? Vodafone, O2 and T-Mobile manage their own infrastructure and frequency bands. Other operators lease the mobile network from them at wholesale prices or buy minutes for calls, SMS and data from them. Some are then dependent on the three largest operators (in terms of ownership), while others are commercially completely independent and autonomous, such as GoMobil.

3 features that made the decision to move GoProjects to Freelo

What can't be done in a quarter, they don't do in GoMobil. The enormous dynamism forced the head of the company to change the project management. Together with the managers, they looked for another solution instead of the slow LiquidPlanner tool. They tested the most recommended software Trello, Asana and Basecamp, finally landing in Freelo. Why?

  • Task created in seconds - If you don't have time to fill in deadlines, repeat tasks, assign users, and other details, you can save the task for later. LiquidPlanner didn't allow that. Assigning tasks didn't go under three minutes, in Freelo it's a matter of seconds.
  • Simple time tracking - Easy time logging is essential. You can then use the reports to manage payroll, allocate costs to individual companies and more. Of the tools we tested, Freelo has this down pat.
  • Mobile apps - A lot of communication can be done on the way to work, but only with a mobile app. Unlike LiquidPlanner, Freelo has one.
Overview of hours worked per month for a specific user. Source: archive of

„We were using LiquidPlanner, which was cumbersome and too slow. So with a team of five top managers and a technology-loving boss, we set about testing Trello, Asana, Basecamp and Freelo. Mainly due to its simplicity, mobile app and time tracking, Freelo won out in the end. Then it was a rush - after a month, everyone was working on it.“

Milan Pleva – Marketing and Sales Manager GoMobil
Demonstration of the GoMobil project in Freelo. Source: archive of

After almost two years in Freelo, the GoMobil sailors have successfully completed 5,000 tasks in 120 projects.

120 projects
105 active users
11.000+ all tasks
44.000+ comments on tasks

The task structure is the most transparent in Freelo

Another decisive factor in the choice of the new project management tool was the task structure. The division into projects, To-Do lists, tasks and sub-tasks suited GoProject the most when working with Freelo.

„We found the structure of projects and tasks the most pleasant in Freelo. We can choose whether we want to use the kanban (column) view of tasks or not. Trello, for example, did not allow us to do that.“

Milan Pleva – Marketing and Sales Manager GoMobil
Example of a task divided into subtasks. Source: archive of

Onboarding a new employee to Freelo is a piece of cake

GoMobil and other GoProjects have a way of introducing new employees to Freeel: At Freeel, each employee has a list of first tasks that guide them and help them learn Freeel. In addition to Freelo, GoProjects make their work easier with tools like Google Data Studio, Hotjar, Zendesk, LiveChat, or their own marketing tool Reago.

„Some employees struggle with a lot of things at first, but not with Freelo.“

Milan Pleva – Marketing and Sales Manager GoMobil
GoMobil's marketing and product team. Source: archive of

Finally, a practical TIP from GoMobil

Repetitive tasks save us a lot of time. We have a large package of tasks that are the same every month - like invoicing, checking various items in the project, sending letters and so on.

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