How tax and accounting experts at Mazars solved sudden homeoffice with Freelo

Before the pandemic

After switching on mandatory home office, we felt the need for a tool with which we could remotely organize the work.

Even before this situation, we considered project management tool and Freelo was our favorite, but we still managed to solve everything via email, phone calls or Skype for business. The unfavorable situation accelerated our decision-making, and only with Freelo's commitment to the production environment we understood its true strength. Saves time in organizing work, speeds up team communication, re-calls deadlines, and has many other useful features.

Mazars is a global group operating in 90 countries with a local team in the Czech Republic.

My favorite feature is time tracking to fill my timesheet in ten minutes. The administration took me about two hours a month before Freelo.

Karel FaturaManager v Mazars
At Mazars, they specialize in consulting, auditing, accounting and tax services.

Freelo has become my main tool for team and task management. Dividing into projects, tasks and subtasks is ideal and I can also monitor how and when individual tasks are processed, including clear monitoring of communication in particular discussions.

Iva LeksováSenior accountant v Mazars
More than 200 members use Freelo to organize their work.

My favorite feature are notes. I can share them immediately with any colleague and it doesn't matter where he is. Just when we're online and can work remotely together.

Vendula PeškováPartner (Accounting Outsourcing Solutions) v Mazars

What Freelo helps Mazars for the accounting and auditing company the most

  • Team management – We have invited nearly 200 colleagues to Freelo.
  • Project management – Everyone is invited to thematic projects to address client requirements. Features such as team tasks, deadlines, templates or responsibilities are very helpful.
  • Information sharing – There are clear and constructive discussions over the tasks, which help tighten requests much faster than before Freelo was introduced.
  • Timesheets at one place – Convenient reporting and easy timetracking give us an overview of time spent on tasks. This helps us a lot in the subsequent invoicing for clients.
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