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The work of designer Anna Marešová oscillates between vibrators and mass transport. The works of Anna Marešová's studio include the T3 Coupé sightseeing tram, the new cable car to Petřín and a number of industrial commissions. The intimate aids come to the world under her own brand Whoop-De-Doo. While managing two brands, including a mini-marketing agency, Anna hardly had any time left for her beloved utility design. So she tried Freelo and wouldn't change.

„We use Freelo primarily as a communication channel. The main advantage is that we have significantly reduced meetings, which were difficult to implement. We don't sit in one place and everyone works at times that suit them.“

Anna Marešová – designer and founder of Anna Marešová designers s.r.o.
Anna Marešová with a model of the new cable car to Petřín. Source. Photo: Adam Dvořák

We create applied industrial design from design to implementation and product presentation

„We work for companies and individuals to implement their business plan. That is why we take into account both technical and economic criteria in our proposals. This requires the synergy of several experts who do not sit in one place at one time. It is Freelo that helps us to communicate with each other.“

Anna Marešová – designer and founder of Anna Marešová designers s.r.o.
Sample projects in which team members communicate. Source: archive of Anna Marešová.

When they don't all sit in the same place at the same time

The permanent team currently consists of 4 people. They work externally with marketers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, as well as external designers. The team forms according to what the job requires. When they did the campaign for Whoop-De-Doo, they also created a small marketing agency.

„Initially, we communicated and shared data using Google Workspace. But that wasn't enough on its own. We were looking for a tool that would extend communication with structured tasks. Create a space for sharing documents. And most importantly, allow more people to participate in the job without meeting in person. Finding common terms was hell. We found Freelo online and soon realized that it really met our requirements.“

Anna Marešová – designer and founder of Anna Marešová designers s.r.o.
He and Freelo are checking off assignments well before midnight. Source: archive of Anna Marešová.

Order and regularity. Even in a creative profession

Some people prefer to work early in the morning, some at night, and some in bits and pieces throughout the day. In order not to interrupt the creative process of designers with meetings, Anna Marešová tries to solve as many things as possible asynchronously, i.e. without the need to communicate in real time. However, she has to have some order and regularity due to deadlines.

Anna Marešová's weekly meeting with colleagues, the so-called status. Source: archive of Anna Marešová.

„Once a week we meet live/online for a meeting to plan tasks. The meeting produces minutes, based on which we then debug the tasks in To-Do sheets. We create tasks as we go along, even for ourselves. For us, Freelo is not just a tool for tasking, but a tool for efficiency and simplification.“

Anna Marešová – designer and founder of Anna Marešová designers s.r.o.
Minutes of the weekly meeting, from which tasks for individual team members are derived. Source: archive of Anna Marešová.

5 reasons why Anna Marešová designers chose Freelo

  • Easy to operate. Even production people can do it.
  • They learned quickly with him.
  • It allows multiple people to work on a job without having to meet.
  • It gives structure to tasks.
  • Helps you organise documents.

Which features Anna Marešová designers like best and how they make them work more efficiently

  • Assigning deadlines to (sub)tasks helps to prioritize and not miss deadlines.
  • Notifications alert you that you need to take the next step with the task.
  • The solver assignment shows who is currently working on what.
The communication with the programmer about the e-shop is illustrative. Source: archive of Anna Marešová.

The designers, headed by Anna Marešová, are actively working on 16 projects.

1.267 days
16 projects
1.855+ tasks
8.700+ comments

Tip by Anna Marešová

Maintain a positive and friendly environment within the team as this is the key to good communication. 🙂

Field Industrial design
Team Design studio
Team size ~10
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