Enjoy work and be in the same boat

  • rudder-bigDo the big things. Ourselves and also for our users.
  • time-bigHave balance between work and personal life.
  • ikony_velka 13 kopieWe believe that only a relaxed team can do something spectacular.
It's November 17, 2015 and we are launching Freelo to the world.

We are looking for a tool that would serve Freelancers for easy collaboration with clients (note: hence the name Freelo). Frustration and unfulfilled expectations when trying existing tools leads us to create our own application. We miss tasks with clear communication, work reports and client invoicing. After a year of development, the first version of Freelo is created.

We create Freelo on weekends, evenings and on days off when we don't earn bread in other companies. It's not easy, but we enjoy it and the positive feedback from users drives us forward.

Freelo celebrates its first birthday with some die-hard fans.

We are collecting units of paying users in the first year and with the generous pricing, our sales are not exactly growing. We're grateful for any feedback users give us, and we try to accommodate any meaningful requests for new features.

We do everything on our own and the turnover from the first year is not even worth mentioning. The gradually growing interest is showing us the way to go, and we're turning the rudder 180 degrees - Freelo needs to be a tool for teams.

We are recording a podcast with Ondra Ilinchev.

For more than half a year we have been working on how to set a new adequate price. It is clear that without such a change Freelo cannot work in the long term.

We're adding new features, plans and raise a price. We are pleasantly surprised because most users are willing to accept the new price.

We're launching a podcast called Z Podpalubi, building a community of SaaSkari, and investing all of our revenue into marketing and development.

We train and lecture wherever we can.

We attend conferences, train and look for meaningful collaborations. We realize that we need to meet our users.

The turning point comes and Freelo gradually turns to black numbers. We're looking for a customer service person to join us.

We are changing our home-office for an office in Pardubice, which we call Podpalubí.

We are going to the next FreeloHackathon in Rovinj, Croatia.

We are taking our new Support member Kate to the #FreeloHackathon in Croatia and we are focusing on developing key functions.

In following months we are expanding the team again to cover substitution.

We're enjoying the summer and BBQ in front of the villa.

We are strengthening the PHP backend development and starting to work on a new section Files in projects.

We're constantly improving the app and getting important features to users faster.

The Pardubice's Freelo crew was almost complete.

Four new sailors are hired for customer support, marketing, PHP backend and frontend. It doesn't stop there, we're looking for more awesome people, join us too.

We are preparing to expand abroad. We are translating the website and app into ten more languages. We are preparing a marketing plan to help us succeed outside the Czech Republic.

We're growing to nearly 30 sailors.

This year was marked by a lot of new features in the application and internal changes necessary for better management of the company.

The app's most notable new features include Make.com integration, Mind Map, Custom Fields, a redesign of the main menu and iOS app, new look and feel, video and voice message recording, and dozens of other improvements. We're making good on our resolution to deliver important features to the app faster

We learn to manage the company better - we create roles, competency matrices, gain experience with HR and build the Sales Department. All the necessary steps to make the company prosper and continue to grow turnover.

The first team retrospective in the new office was sun-drenched.

Changelog is bursting at the seams. We are launching the long-awaited Timeline feature. A few months later, Freelo undergoes a redesign that brings new task detail, easy switching between views, and clearer project detail. Plus, it makes the whole app faster and more modern.

What happens throughout the company cannot stand and fall with us as captains of Freela, so for the first time we are appointing captains of Sales, Customer Support and Marketing. We are working in partnership with Essential College to ensure that we remain a healthy learning organisation even in larger numbers.

Values that resonate with us
Life and work
Personal responsibility
Important then urgent
Peaceful mind
From the helm, hello skippers Karel, Honza and Karel
Karel Borkovec CTO

Thanks to Karel Freelo runs like a dream. When he is not kicking-off new features, he likes sports, hits the road with his family or thinks of which kind of salad to make for dinner.

Jan Kulda CPO

Honza takes care of Freelo's good usability. From graphics, over UX to encoding. He enjoys the whole process of creating an application or website. Besides Freelo, he likes cooking, cycling and travelling.

Karel Dytrych CEO

Karel likes numbers. He works a lot with the database and analyses everything. When he closes Excel, he likes to travel to warm-weather destinations. During summer, you would probably meet him at the Canaries in Las Palmas.