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Freelance Free
  • save 48 € yearly 40 € 36 €
    on behalf of you and everyone invited
    per month without VAT with annual payment
  • Free
    free forever
    for you and 3 invitees
  • For Freelancers and their clients
  • Getting started with project management
  • Vše, co ve Freelance s omezeními:

    • Maximum of 3 active projects, archived without limit.
    • You and up to 3 invited users.
    • Different views of the tasks, but without Mind maps.
    • Max 500 MB of data in files, notes and documents.
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  • save 103,2 € yearly 88,6 € 80 €
    on behalf of you and everyone invited
    per month without VAT with annual payment
  • For a smaller company
  • Everything in Freelance, and more:

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Best Sellers
  • save 240 yearly
    170 150 for 20 usersi
    7,5 1 user
    per month without VAT with annual payment
  • For a company with departments
  • Everything in Team, and more:

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  • from 1 650 € from 1 590 €
    on behalf of you and everyone invited
    per month without VAT with annual payment
  • For corporations
  • Everything in Business, and more:

    • SSO, SAML, SLA, Custom Integration, Automation, Onboarding workshop, Success manager, ...
    • Contact us to discuss your needs, requirements and implementation dates.
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Detailed plans comparison
Try for free for 14 daysNo strings attached
Basic project management functions
Basics of project management
Unlimited tasks
Unlimited projects
3 active
Unlimited users
3 invited
by number of licences
Unlimited activity log
Line listing of tasks
Column listing of tasks
Calendar listing of tasks
Dashboard of tasks across projects
Timetracking, costs and invoicing
Mobile and desktop apps
500 MB
15 GB
100 GB
200 GB
By appointment
Mind map
Features for team leaders
More people can manage users
More people can set up projects
More people can manage templates
Supervisors will see reports and summaries
Managers can manage permissions
Teams (filtering, @Team, tracking, reports)
Integration and imports
Google Calendar (2-way)
Gmail addon
Asana imports
Trello imports
Basecamp 2 import
Overviews and reports
CSV export
Unlimited reports on Dashboard across projects
Daily reports (hours, costs)
Weekly reports (hours, costs)
Monthly reports (hours, costs)
Task relations
Custom fields
Live overview of time tracking over tasks
Project insights
User insights
Team insights
Gantt chart (Timeline)
Automation and mass actions
Replacing a worker
Settings templates
Filter by teams across applications
@mention of the team
Advanced automation
Customized IS integration
Log out of all devices
2FA for every user
Enforcement of 2FA
Premium Support
Customer care
Customer care (chat, e-mail, tel.)
Clear online help
Priority Support
Success Manager
Onboarding workshop

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How much can I save a month?

Enter a number of people
Enter a rate €/hour
GoodSave on average wages at least
How did we get this amount?
We found out that thanks to Freelo, each team member saves an average of 30 minutes per day.
What you will save on?
  • No more searching in the e-mail
  • Everyone knows what to do
  • Decrease errors and forgetting
  • Speed up and clear communication
  • Automate your work step by step
FAQ How does the Trial version work?

Completely free and without entering a credit card. By signing up for the first time, you activate the Trial, a 14-day trial period during which you have access to all Freela features - this corresponds to the Business tariff. After this period, the system will notify you and prompt you to choose a tariff and payment method. You can still ride the waves of Freela for free afterwards, on the Free plan.

Payments are made by logging in right here in the app. (Alternatively, click on your profile in Freelo on the top right and then select „Change tariff".) Choose to pay monthly or annually. In either case, you can pay by card through the secure payment gateway GoPay. Annual payment means a 10% discount and the option to pay by bank transfer (on invoice). However, all invoices are tracked in Freelo regardless of payment method. More detailed instructions on how to set up payments for Freelo.

The captain (account owner) pays for the Business plan according to the number of users. For smaller teams we offer licenses in packages of 5, i.e. for 5/10/15/20 users (including the captain). From 20 users upwards, licenses can be purchased one at a time. In practice: regardless of whether you want to invite 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 people to Freela, you need 5 licenses. A license is not tied to a name.

Freelance and Team plans do not charge for invited users. As a captain (account owner) you pay for your plan and then invite as many people as you want to Freelance.

If you don't want to pay anything at all, choose the Free plan. It has the same features as Freelance, but with a few limitations - maximum 3 active projects, maximum 3 invitees, only 500 MB of data and no Mind Map.

If for any reason you decide not to use Freelo within 30 days of payment, we will refund your money without question.

An active project is one that is not archived. An archived project is read-only - it can be restored at any time to the active projects you are currently working on.

Our experience shows that the Freelance option is suitable for teams of up to 10 people, while the Team option is suitable for teams of around 20 people. If there are more of you, you'll probably find the features in the Business plan useful, such as the ability to manage users in bulk. However, it depends on several factors. We'll be happy to help you choose during a free online consultation.

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