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Freelo is a great alternative to Trello because...

The whole company knows what to do, deadlines don't slip and information doesn't get lost.

We have built-in time tracking

Tracking is convenient for the entire team and it is tied to hourly rates, budgets and billing.

Flat price

You don't have to constantly think about who to invite or not to Freelo. Work with anyone and the price is still the same.

Customer support always happy to help

Write to chat or call, we are at your disposal and will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Easy communication

Freelo is simple, everyone you invite will quickly find their way around and start cooperating.

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Import from Trello to Freelo Continue where you left off

How to import boards

Well-arranged communication
Less synoptical card communication

E-mails, phone calls and chats lead to information mess. Task in Freelo contains files and user's discussion. It is always clear who solves the task and when the deadline is.

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Poor orientation for invited users

When you reply to e-mails, the message appears as a new comment in Freelo tasks. This also works with attachments, and the e-mail signature is cleverly cropped.

In Gmail Marketplace, install the Freelo extension and assign your team in Freelo in a few clicks.

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Paid features via Power-ups

Measure time and keep track of the cost of your internal or client projects. Time spent on a task is reflected in budgets and can be combined with hourly rates. You get a complete overview of how much people's work costs you and how much you earn.

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It doesn't have reports

You will always be aware of how much time/money someone has worked. Clear charts provide insight into costs and worked time by people in your team.

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Only column / cards view

Columns or rows, you can set the tasks view in projects as you wish. Kanban columns are suitable for To-Do, In-Progress, Done methodology.

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Lack of access control in the project

Even if the most capable people from your team leave, the acquired procedures and instructions in the templates will remain. Templates are easy to edit and can be shared with people in your team. Templates are available for projects, To-Do lists, and sub/tasks. With processes, you can delegate complex tasks to part-time people in a few clicks. Deadlines and usually assigned users are already preset in the templates.

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Fixed price for unlimited users
Price depends on user amount
Plan Team for a fixed price: €70/month
10-member team paid version: ~€122/month
Jan Rozkošný

Editor-in-Chief of DVTV

“We started using Freelo just to get organized and get a better overview. And it works!”

Michal Švéda

Online specialist in People in Need

”We have been using Freelo for the first year and I have to say that it has made our team work much more efficient.”

Miroslav Valný

Marketing Production Manager, CZC.cz

”Communication is clear, all tasks are in one place and the work with Freelo is decreasing nicely .

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