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Freelo Recognized as One of the Top Picks for Team Collaboration software by Tekpon

We are proud to announce that Freelo has been recognized as one of Top Picks for Team Collaboration software by Tekpon, a leading online marketplace for software solutions.

10 Reasons Why You Should Run Your Projects on Freelo

You know it. You can have a business with the best idea ever, a better product, employing great professionals with many years of experience, but sometimes you will find that something goes wrong. There will be a more demanding project, a communication mess, phones will never stop ringing, 100 emails are delivered daily, the IT department will go into "coffee regime" and the whole team practically does not leave the office for the whole day... Managing the organization of projects and mutual communication in the company is not sometimes simple yet it's alpha and omega of a successful company. If you want to know how Freelo can help with your workflow, definitely keep reading.

Applying new task-management tools? Get your team fully onboard

There goes a lot of thinking, trying and testing (as well as investing!) into picking new software. But even when the seemingly impossible decision is done, the hard part hasn’t even begun. The most feared task by many CEOs and project managers is how to successfully implement a new tool into daily routine of a workplace without wrecking havoc. How can you get the employees excited? Stop them from complaining? Make them use it properly, effectively and adopt new habits? The reality of introducing apps into a company culture can get messy. But here are some ways how to manage it.

365 Days of Freelo - the second act

Another year is behind us and we can together remember all the important things that happened. Come to recap with us this amazing year! Where to start elsewhere than last birthday of Freelo. We celebrated maybe "too much" in the Vinohrady Parliament. :-) Participation surprised us so we are preparing a heavier caliber in co-working space in Prague Node5 this year. But we're a bit ahead ...

7 Rules How to Organize your Projects

Creating projects in Freelo is no science. Just click. What is not so easy is to keep order in the projects for the long run. To keep an eye on your assignments, we have prepared a set of important rules for dividing individual projects. The article is based on a large number of useful feedback and real problems from our users. These rules will get stronger, especially if you have a larger number of projects and team colleagues.

10 Rules for Effective Teamwork

We have prepared a set of ten very useful and simple rules that can help almost every team to keep order. You can stick to them, inspire them, or adapt them to the specific needs of your team. Just do not lie in the drawer and start using them as soon as possible.

Remote Work Can be an Advantage for a Company

A few years ago there was no doubt about the clear boundary between work and personal life. She stood in the middle of our lives like the Great Wall of China, and we every day try to swing over it without unnecessary scraps.
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The First 365 Days of Freelo - up, down and back again

Freelo finally have first year behind. There were ups and downs. Moments of hope and nervousness. What is it like to come to the Czech market with own application? Can you ever think of everything in advance, or do you have to learn a lot, and especially improvise? We released the most interesting thing that we found out and experienced in 365 days of Freelo's work.