eCommerce Team

Get the crew of your e-shop per ship

Keep all your business communications in one place and share information with the team quickly and easily.

eCommerce teams most often use in Freel…
Discussion of tasks
Time tracking
Process templates
Repeated tasks

Communicate effectively with your team, outsiders or suppliers in one place

  • @Name mentions for easy tagging in comments
  • Inserting files into text. Despite keyboard shortcuts
  • Deadline changes, reporting, assigning users and following users in one step as you comment
  • Color formatting for better orientation in longer comments
  • Like comments for quick confirmation / approval
  • Reply to discussion email

Try Timeline (Gantt chart) for lightning fast planning

  • Saves time and energy for managers and bosses.
  • You'll see right away what fits where.
  • Careful, it's addictive!

Keep track of time / cost spent on campaigns, projects, and outsiders

Freelo has time tracking linked to projects, tasks and, using the hourly rate, gives clear information on the cost of campaigns or teams of people.

  • You can easily see how much business / who costs
  • Time is multiplied by the watch and shows the amount
  • Measured directly above task (for project / To-do list)
  • Keyboard shortcuts simplify use
  • Context reports and overviews
Petr Hulec
CEO, Bushman

"A project and task management tool is a must in every modern company. We started using Freelo overnight and immediately became part of our daily work. Everyone now knows what to do and doesn't forget. "

Jaromir Krpalek
IT Manager, Sanasport

“In Freelo we see hourly work reports for all team members that give us a clear view of the time required for each task and project.“

Martin Vachata - Project Manager FotoŠkoda

“Thanks to Freelo, we reduced long e-mail communications and at the same time gained an overview of who is doing what, which is sometimes not easy with external people. We are amazed at how fast new features appear.“

With templates, no one in the team has to start from scratch

Christmas, Easter, spring sale - all these are events that have similar parameters, consist of similar activities and are seasonally repeated. Create smart templates in Freelo so you can easily delegate tasks to junior colleagues.

  • Try template database or make your own
  • A task, To-Do list, or the entire project can be a template
  • Share templates with colleagues on a team
  • You set the dates + X days after creation
  • Pre-assign tasks to people (VAT is always handled by Eliska, etc.)
  • Fast delegation to junior colleagues

Do not unnecessarily remember what solves repetitive tasks

Monthly meetings, regular meetings, invoicing or VAT filing. Instead of clicking a new task unnecessarily, you can easily automate this activity with smart repetition.

  • Complete the task and create a new one
  • You can set repeating daily, weekly, monthly and yearly
  • See a wide range of settings, see examples

With the calendar, you can easily schedule work for others and get an overview

The calendar shows tasks with dates on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. It allows you to easily schedule tasks that do not have a deadline by dragging the mouse.

  • Schedule and change dates by dragging
  • Monthly, weekly, and daily reports
  • Filtering by projects and users
  • Link to Google Calendar / Outlook

Budgets can help you keep your campaign or external costs where you want them

  • Recurring project budgets (e.g., 30 hours / $ 1,000 each month)
  • The hourly rate is multiplied by the time spent over tasks. The amount is deducted from the budget and always has an up-to-date overview of how much you pay or how much remains to be spent from your contracted budget
  • You can easily mark your invoices or send them directly to one of the connected systems - Fakturoid, iDoklad, Billing