Gantt chart / Timeline

Timeline speeds up your planning
  • Saves time and energy for managers and bosses.
  • You'll see right away what fits where.
  • Careful, it's addictive!

Bulk rescheduling Shift the deadline of 20 tasks in just 3 clicks.

  • Drag and drop to reschedule multiple tasks at once.
  • Keyboard shortcuts will speed up your work considerably.
Critical path

You can see the project completion date on an ongoing basis

  • Better identify tasks that won't push back the project completion date.
  • You will increase the chances of successful project completion.

Task relations Blocking relations will make it impossible to complete tasks

  • Everyone will see the completion block not only in the Timeline.
  • Related and Duplication links are also available. Team
  • Task collision checking enables bulk rescheduling.
Capacity planning

Who has too little work and who has too much?

  • You'll make it easier for your overworked colleagues.
  • You'll put the less busy ones to work.

Planning / Communication Communicate and plan easily in Timeline

  • Tasks without deadlines are easy to schedule
  • Open any task in the modal window.
Who Timeline is for

Companies that often need a timeline

Digital Agency
Marketing agency
Production company
Construction company
Recruitment agency
Software company
Graphic studio
Event agency

The Gantt chart is not the solution to everything. Sometimes a simple Kanban can help better, sometimes a Mind Map or Calendar or a classic Row view.