Karel Dytrych

Karel Dytrych

Jsem zakladatel Freela a Váš Hosting. Snažím se zjednodušovat podnikání druhým. Jinak milovník sportu a zdravého životního stylu.

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365 Days of Freelo - the second act

Another year is behind us and we can together remember all the important things that happened. Come to recap with us this amazing year! Where to start elsewhere than last birthday of Freelo. We celebrated maybe "too much" in the Vinohrady Parliament. :-) Participation surprised us so we are preparing a heavier caliber in co-working space in Prague Node5 this year. But we're a bit ahead ...

7 Rules How to Organize your Projects

Creating projects in Freelo is no science. Just click. What is not so easy is to keep order in the projects for the long run. To keep an eye on your assignments, we have prepared a set of important rules for dividing individual projects. The article is based on a large number of useful feedback and real problems from our users. These rules will get stronger, especially if you have a larger number of projects and team colleagues.

10 Rules for Effective Teamwork

We have prepared a set of ten very useful and simple rules that can help almost every team to keep order. You can stick to them, inspire them, or adapt them to the specific needs of your team. Just do not lie in the drawer and start using them as soon as possible.