Clear and simple

No more nightmares for all e-shoppers

Simple and clear return system
Planning and managing events, discounts and campaigns
The documents get to where they are in time

Speed ​​up your return solution and reduce shipping costs

  • Record all returns in one place and never forget anything again.
  • Categorize returned goods by reason, analyze the causes and reduce the number of returned goods
  • Speed up returns and improve customer satisfaction

Plan, manage and evaluate promotions, discounts and campaigns

  • Plan and assign tasks to colleagues related to creating a prize event and campaign.
  • Measure the effectiveness, progress and results of campaigns. Check their length, cost and evaluate success.
  • Categorize and compare campaigns and continue to plan only the more effective ones.
Petr Hulec
CEO, Bushman

“We started using Freelo overnight and immediately became part of our daily work. Everyone now knows what to do and does not forget.“

Schedule your accounting calendar and send the financier everything on time

  • Plan what, when, where to send and record what and when left.
  • Monitor your accountant's activities and control what he does.
  • Eliminate reminders and unnecessary penalties for missed bureaucracy. Freelo will help you.

Save costs through better work organization


Earn more better by managing communication


Accelerate normal work bringing order

All-in-one tool that every crew will quickly like

  • Cluttered e-mail conversations disappear.
  • You will get an overview of the financial side of business.
  • Don't think of what the bigger came up with a long time ago.
    Use a a ready-made template and improve it to your liking.
Michal Kubíček
Boss SvětCukrářů.cz

”We were doing a redesign and the coder turned us on to Freelo and I literally fell in love with it. I'm glad that similar tools are being created here in the Czech Republic.”

Martin Vachata - Project Manager FotoŠkoda

Thanks to Freelo, we've broken down a lot of long email communications and we know who is working on what, which is not easy with freelancers. We're amazed at how quickly new features appear.”

Jaromir Krpalek
IT Manager, Sanasport

”In Freelo, we can see hourly work reports of all team members and have a clear overview of the time consumption of individual tasks and projects.”