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Move your business forward, differentiate yourself from the competition and join a community of specialists in project management, time management and effective teamwork. The biggest benefit to your business will be the opportunity to gain new clients and a badge that shows you are one of the best in the industry and have a high level of proficiency with Freelo

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Why become a Freelo partner

Reach new clients

On the Freelo Partner page, you will have the space to showcase your business and tell potential clients what you are good at. A nice bonus will be a unique Freelo Partner badge, which proves that you are forged in project management and control of the Freelo app.

Earn commissions from affiliate program

By becoming a Freelo affiliate, you automatically become our affiliate partner. For every successful onboarding of a paying client into Freelo, you draw a financial commission. And you'll help the team to better organize their work. So win-win. 💪

Get free advertising with Freelo marketing

We communicate information about our new partners to our followers. For example, they will hear about you in our newsletter, on social media or at offline events. Of course, a backlink to your website is provided on the Freelo partner page.

Full support from the Freelo Support team

You have the option of unlimited 1-to-1 consultations with our support team. At the same time, we will give even more attention and care to your feedback. After all, you'll be very close to our clients, and first-hand feedbacks move us forward.

How to become a Freelo partner

Fill in the registration form

A short application where you tell us a little about yourself, your business and your approach to project management. We will assess whether you meet the requirements for the badge.

You will successfully pass the written test

After completing the application form, you will receive a test within 7 days with questions that test your knowledge in project management, people management and effective work organisation and communication. In the second part we will test your practical skills in using Freelo. The Business Wiki for Managers and the Freelo online help can help you prepare for the test. You will pass the test if you achieve at least 85% correct answers.

You are an active Freelo user

You know how to use Freelo at a high level, you understand its main functions, you follow news from the world of Freelo and you want to pass on your experience with the software to others.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Freelo Partnership

Who can become a Freelo partner?

Freelo partnerships are especially appreciated by entrepreneurs in project management, management, HR, marketing, trainers and team leaders. However, it can be obtained by anyone who meets the requirements:

    • Can operate the Freelo application at a high levelIs an active user of Freelo,
    • fill in the application form,
    • passes the test with 85%, demonstrating expertise in project management and Freelo,
    • at the same time, the business activities of the partner must be in line with the moral and ethical principles of the Freelo team. Each application is assessed individually.

We have been immersed in project management and marketing since 2015, when we started developing a professional tool for project management, work organization and effective team communication. We have insight into the project management operations of hundreds of companies. Thanks to constant feedback, we know what clients need - whether it's a successful e-shop,, Stavebniny DEK, or more than 100 thousand other Freelo users. Project management is our daily bread and we want to pass on the know-how we have built up over the years. We will be glad if you join us.

The badge will be awarded to real pros in project management, marketing, HR, web development, UX, etc. - and that's what you want to show off! You are then more credible to clients, build a competitive advantage over your competitors, and move your business and yourself forward. Display your Freelo Partner badge on your website, LinkedIn or anywhere it will be visible to others.

The badge displayed on your website must contain a link that redirects the visitor to the homepage.

We will send you a closed-question test within 7 days of you completing the application form. You must achieve at least an 85% pass rate to be successful. The test is divided into two parts:

  • 1. theoretical part on project management, effective communication, people management and other similar areas (the source for preparation can be the Business Wiki, a handbook for managers and team leaders).
  • 2. practical part on using Freelo - we will check your level of proficiency with Freelo (experience with using Freelo, or our webinar and Help will help you prepare).

Prepare for the test as best you can, as you will always have another attempt 6 months after failing the test. However, you have unlimited attempts.

By earning a Freelo affiliate badge, you automatically become part of our affiliate program. You will receive a unique Freelo sharing parameter and a special affiliate code. For every paying Freeelo customer brought in, you will receive a financial reward. With access to the affiliate interface, you can keep track of your commissions and invoice us for them.

Need help with project management or using Freelo more effectively? As part of our partnership, you get unlimited free 20-minute 1-to-1 consultations with our experienced support team. Book an appointment online or email us at

Of course! You don't pay anything. Just fill in the application form and take the test.

That can happen too. Especially if we receive regular feedback from users that your cooperation does not meet their expectations and you cannot handle their questions. You will also lose your partnership and badge if we deem your person or business to be controversial and not in line with our moral and ethical principles.

Make money with Freelo

  • You will get new clients
  • Earn commissions
  • Free promotion

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