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Organize the official agenda finally simply

Without Freelo: Deadlines move and hang in a vacuum. No one knows what to do and when. Information is being lost. Half of the things arranged in the kitchen are forgotten.

With Freelo: Everyone can easily and quickly find what they're looking for. The chaos will disappear and you can do more with less. Freelo is simple and can do a lot. Try it for free in your browser without having to install anything.

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Why make a change

Several situations you may know and don't like anymore

Since 2015, we have forced hundreds of teams to make changes in the management of their work and the vast majority is excited now. Wanna try it too?

"Damn, which version of the document was the final one?"

"Shouldn't have Johny ordered that?"

"How do I find out today that the meeting has been canceled?"

"I've been looking for it in those copies of the email for half an hour!"

"I told you the term was moved there."

"What, the presentation is for tomorrow ?!"

"Even a pig wouldn't find it's way in this e‑mail conversation."

"Great, we run out of coffee again."

Freelo makes the internal communication at Prague 7 City Hall employees as easy as possible. We coordinate projects across departments in it, so that each user can see what stage he is at and what still needs to be worked out. From individual meetings of the Council and the Assembly, tasks can be easily assigned to specific employees, even with deadlines, which saves everyone time. In addition, people liked him as a personal "task manager", where they comfortably plan their workload.“

Radomír ŠpokSecretary of the Prague 7 City District Office

”Freelo is clear, understandable and intuitive. It's a great tool for communication and collaboration between colleagues, all information, tasks and deadlines for projects are in one place and not lost in time. It's great to connect with a team from anywhere, which we see as important especially today with the combination of office and home office work. We also appreciate the constant improvements, the fast customer support and the mobile version of the app is definitely a big plus.”

Ing. Lucie Barankova Vilamova, Ph.D.Mayor, Statutory City of Ostrava - Municipal District Poruba

Try Timeline (Gantt chart) for lightning fast planning

  • Saves time and energy for managers and bosses.
  • You'll see right away what fits where.
  • Careful, it's addictive!
Before after

Brno-Černovice and their agenda

We asked the General-Secretary Mgr. Zdeněk Opálka, which activities at their office they needed to do more effectively and how Freelo helps them in that today.

Before the introduction of Freelo

Tasks were emailed , then rewritten to a one-drive spreadsheet.

icon- Complex input

Missing feedback from officials on spreadsheet tasks.

icon- Unclear communication

The meetings were unconstructive and long . We did not have a system to easily negotiate in advance.

icon- Absence of a simple system

The tasks were solved together at meetings - the solution was deadlocked and the deadlines slid. Unable to verify who did what .

icon- It is not known who is solving the task

Problem communication across unions - 5 people in a copy of email and everyone is waiting for someone to respond and solve it.

icon- Unclear responsibilities and deadlines
Do you want to help with the introduction of Freelo?

What has changed with Freelo

"Freelo saves us meeting time . Colleagues from various departments will write the tasks in a pre-prepared list, respond to them, prepare and deliver materials prepared list The meeting itself is already very constructive . "

"Thanks to the mobile app we can reach citizens on the street and we have everything we need on hand for notes, which are useful later in negotiating what, how, who and by when. "

" has greatly improved our cooperation between the unions . It is clear to everyone who is responsible for what and everything important is seen by the whole team. "

" We plan better , we minimized emails and delegation is a few clicks away. "

"Freelo helps us keep order in the documents for council and council meetings. We have everything on time and we find it easy. For us, it is such a intranet , which, however, can be controlled and administered by every member of the office. "

"With repetitive tasks we don't forget about repetitive tasks such as training announcements, applications or bulletin board updates. "

"Another very popular feature is the process templates , which we are just starting to use. But I already know that they will be useful for us, for example, for holding elections , where directing activities are repeated over and over again, or for teaching a new colleague, public holidays < / span>and necessary routine matters such as hoisting a flag, and I'm still thinking of, for example, the revision of internal guidelines and organizational rules . "

"In short, Freelo is a modern online communication tool that greatly simplifies our official agenda, and I'm happy to recommend it to your office."

Mgr. Zdeněk Opálka
Secretary, Brno-Černovice District Office
Freelo features

Open Freelo in your browser or mobile phone

It has a lot of useful features to help you organize your work. Let's take a look at some usage examples together.

Mgr. Zdeněk Opálka

Secretary, Office of the City District Brno-Černovice

"Freelo perfectly meets our requirements for managing tasks and projects in the office."

Ing. Gabriela Repova

SFRB and Project Management Officer, City of Pezinok

“Freelo is clear and easy to use. We like the storage and archiving of documents. "

Martin Parduba

Property management technician, City of Zbiroh

"Everyone can add comments, photos and files and also have an instant overview of the changes. I can definitely recommend Freelo. "

Examples of use

What is Freelo suitable for?

Meeting planning
Planning of cultural events
Template for council meeting
Template for grant management
Repeated task for updating the bulletin board
Template of criteria for obtaining a composter
Template for elections
Template for the methodology of obtaining subsidies
Internal communication at the office
Template for welcoming citizens
Repeated task for processing reports
Project inventory
Collecting documents
City management and meetings
Communication between divisions

Effective meetings

For meetings, you will create a project in which there will be individual meetings and the points you want to discuss on them. The main advantage is the involvement of all colleagues who already see in advance what will be solved and can prepare.


Important information in place

Each project can have notes to help you organize the information. Notes are smart. You can have a discussion below them and keep a complete history of all modifications with the possibility of restoring any version.


Thanks to the alerts, everyone will be in the picture

Freelo will cleverly alert you to tasks related to you. For example, the ones you created or commented on in the past.


Each task has a clear discussion

Discussions are the heart of Freelo. The most important thing that takes place here is the transfer of information and files over tasks. You can use @name mentions, assign tasks, set deadlines and much more.

Side dishes

Files and documents easily searchable

All files are inserted into task discussions and can be found later under the Files in project tab.


What do the deputies say about Freelo?

”As an election campaign manager, I need to keep track of dozens of tasks at the same time, delegate their implementation among many people, and keep track of deadlines. Freelo helps me a lot with this. It connects those who need to be connected, reminds us what we've planned where. Today, I can't imagine any other effective way to manage teams. I used to use a competing product where more and more features were added month after month, but they complicated the process rather than helping. What I appreciate about Freelo is the simplicity.”

Michal Burian Chairman of the Executive Committee of Brno Destination

Freelo is great for entering, recording and completing team tasks. It is user-friendly, clear and easy to use. I also appreciate the synchronization with the mobile application, Google calendar and email notifications. Everyone can add comments, photos and files, and also have an instant overview of changes. I can definitely recommend.“

Martin Parduba Zbiroh City Property Management Technician
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