Discount to start

Freelo for beginning tradesmen and companies

Starting a new successful project/business is like sailing through an ocean full of predatory sharks. We know it, we've sailed through it ourselves.

If we had Freelo at the beginning of our business, it would save us a lot of time, money and energy. Delegacy, teamwork, communication and project management are a piece of cake with Freelo!

We joined forces with captains of Czech online services. We've put together a variety of apps to really help you get started. They cover an interesting range of needs, so they are suitable for every tradesman or company at the tiller putting to sea.

We decided to give a 50 % discount for the first year payment for start-ups and businesses. And so the project was created.

Sail into the business world seamlessly with these services

Interconnection of services

Tools such as Freelo, Fakturoid, Raynet and SupportBox are integrated. So you can manage projects in Freelo, delegate sales in Raynet and in a few clicks directy invoice in Fakturoid. Thanks to connected SupportBox and Freelo, you can effectively solve client queries from which you create tasks and no client request disappears in the depths of oblivion.

Do you want to save up to hundreds of euros?

Sign up for Freela and continue to

Related questions and answers

Who is entitled to the discount?

Sleva se vztahuje na všechny Freelo tarify, pokud je vaše IČO mladší než 1 rok.

Například: Pokud bylo vaše IČO zaregistrováno 1. února 2019, můžete uplatnit slevový kód až do 31. ledna 2020. I kdybyste kód použili až poslední možný den, stále dostanete slevu na celý rok – v tomto příkladě tedy až do 31. ledna 2021.

Take a look at our price list and choose suitable plan.

  1. Sign up for the app.
  2. Via your avatar in the top right corner of the app, select Change Tariff from the menu.
  3. Click on Order tariff.
  4. In the billing summary, click on Add promo code and type in REDEEMED.
  5. Fill in your billing details including your VAT number. The 50% discount will be activated immediately.
  6. And hurray to hand out assignments!

Yes, if you have an ID number less than 1 year old and have not yet ordered Freelo for a year. The discount is valid for the first yearly invoice.

1) I pay monthly - You will receive the discount on an annual invoice, i.e. for 12 months. For example. If you order on 31/12/2024, you will have Freelo for half price until the end of 2025.

2) I pay annually - You have already made your first annual order, therefore the discount cannot be applied.

If you have an IČO older than one year, you are probably no longer starting and are an experienced entrepreneur, so the discount does not apply to you.

The event is unlimited in time. We reserve the right to modify or change it.