We can help you with the project management in your company

We cooperate with verified project management experts, who can help you implement Freelo and processes to your business. We would put our hands in the fire for their training. Your entire business will benefit.

Ing. Mira Vlach

Freelance Project Manager

Who is it

Mira is an expert who specializes in project management. He helps people and companies to manage projects better - he manages some projects himself, trains, consults and organizes a few additional activities, mainly Project Bank and Project Club.

Its typical client is usually a company that is fueled by projects, or an individual who is unsure about a particular project.

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What he can help you with

  • Implementing Project Management in Organizations - Setting Up Processes, Setting Up a Project Office, Creating Customized Company Methodologies.
  • Software - Overview of its use for project management (Freelo, MS Project, Concerto and more).
  • project managers training - planning procedures and project management, techniques, tools, and skills for less experienced team members.
  • methodology - excellent knowledge of the main approaches to project management (IPMA, PMI, PRINCE2, agile methods, intuitive approach).
  • Project portfolio management at a strategic level, ie maximizing the use of organizational resources to effectively achieve the organization's strategic goals.

Ing. Renata Novotná

Process management consultant, job organizer and work skills

Who is it

Renata is dedicated to organizing work in   teams and   process management in small business . By properly setting up processes and competencies, you will get rid of the chaos and   transform your business into a self-functioning organism.

Experience gained through more than 10 years of working in the corporate world leading local and international teams and projects. She has experienced the functioning of small companies for the last few years by working intimately with a company where she was responsible for the complete setup of competencies, company organization and process setup. She collaborates on partial projects with other companies and individuals.

External collaboration with the University of Economics in Prague, where she lectures and consults theses. She also publishes professional articles in Marketing & Media, Strategy and co-authored the book Marketing Management of Heritage Objects.

What it will help you with

Do you work from   blow to   Are you in stress because you don't have enough time for strategic activities?

Renata will help you stop   and   gain time to develop your business   yourself. Find a way to have a clean head and   free hands.

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Daniel Gamrot

of personal productivity

Who is it

Daniel is a lecturer and consultant of personal productivity and a promoter of modern digital technologies in companies. He has worked in IT for several years as a consultant. He managed the implementation of information systems for CEZ and other energy companies in Europe. He also founded the LifeNotes project, through which he spreads the idea of ​​a paperless office. Year led personal development portal Have everything done.

His seminars have been attended by more than 7000 participants from companies such as Orange Slovensko, AXA, Air Bank, PwC and Moravia IT, with whom he has worked on building new skills to increase productivity.

Listen to a podcast with Dan

What it will help you with

  • Personal productivity training - focusing on priorities, getting things done and completing the most important tasks on time.
  • Team Efficiency Consulting - Improve business processes, effective email communication, productive meetings, set up task, project and information systems
  • lectures on work efficiency, productivity and time management

Vratislav Čermák

trainer and consultant in project management, personal productivity and paperless efficiency

Who is it

Vrat'a has been in project management for over 20 years. He has led projects in small executive agencies, implemented project management in companies during dramatic growth, or led project managers and shaped project methodology in the international telecommunications company T-Mobile. He has managed large-scale international projects, leading, training and developing teams of project managers. Project management has taught him not only how to effectively manage the time of people in his team, but most importantly how to effectively manage his own time. He learned how to recognize what is and is not important and how to complete meaningful things efficiently. Which he now passes on through training, consulting and mentoring.

He works as a mentor and expert in business and social accelerators Impact Hub, cooperates on personal development of employees of companies such as T-Mobile, KPMG, PwC, Fortuna, L´Oréal, Generali, Moneta, Hello bank! or Člověk v tísni.

Read Vrat's article on effective meetings

What it will help you with

  • training in personal productivity and meaningful time management - how to find space for the things that are really important to us and how to effectively deal with the not so important ones
  • project management training - how to bring good ideas to life in a way that makes effective use of people's time and skills
  • managerial communication training - how to prepare and conduct a team meeting, individual meetings, or how not to have "meetings for meetings" and communicate at a 21st century level
  • paperless access training - how to be able to start working on anything, anywhere, without any excuses that I'm missing something
  • introduction of project methodology, project document library or processes not only for project management in the company
  • Consultation, mentoring and advice in all of the above areas, according to the specific needs of the individual or organisation

Dála Musil

consultant, designer and freelance manager

Who is it

Dála is a marketing consultant and designer who never studied project management, but learned it on the job. Previously working in a communications agency and leading the marketing of several companies and projects, he now freelances to help clients improve business results, increase customer satisfaction and streamline business operations.

His favourite project tool is our Freelo, which he has been using almost since the very beginning and has done hundreds of smaller and larger projects, including the redesign of a large e-shop. For one of his clients, he has also been using it for several years to manage an inhouse marketing team and support other departments or to cover corporate projects and processes.

Read the article how Dála uses Freelo

What it will help you with

  • improve the efficiency of your company, e-shop or startup by implementing project management (ideally in Frel
  • practical help with solving project and process problems without unnecessary theory
  • consultation and long-term cooperation is also possible in the context of marketing strategy or service design

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