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Reduce the time spent organizing production processes and streamline the work of your entire team with the Czech application for team management, work organization, communication, information sharing and process control.

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How Freelo can help your manufacturing company

✉️ Tasks don't fit in emails

Stop forwarding emails, tracking down information and files.

💬 Make communication clearer

Communicate with your subcontractors and team in one place, clearly and easily.

⚙️ Simplifies procedural procedures

Process templates can help with training people, organizing events, warehouse management, creating manuals, etc.

🇨🇿 🇬🇧 🇸🇰 You will speak not only English

Czech app with the option to switch to English and Slovak and friendly support always willing to advise.

🙌 Everybody's gonna love it

Simple and straightforward controls ensure easy and quick onboarding of your crew across the entire company.

Communicate and share files with your team, freelancers and suppliers

Fast and easy communication is the basis for a smooth completion of tasks on time. We develop Freelo so that no important information is forgotten and all files are within a few clicks.

  • @Name mentions for easy tagging in comments
  • Inserting files into text, even via keyboard shortcuts
  • Deadline changes, reporting, assigning a user and followers in one step when adding a comment
  • Colour formatting for clearer orientation in longer comments
  • Reply to discussion from e-mail

With process templates, you don't start from scratch and delegation is a breeze

Templates will increase your quality, allow easy delegation and more complex tasks can be handled by a temporary worker. Process templates are easy to create, use and edit - this helps to keep processes up-to-date.

  • Try the databank of templates or make your own
  • Task, To-Do list, or an entire project can be a template
  • Share templates with colleagues in your team
  • Set deadlines + X days from the creation
  • Pre-assign a tasks to people - e.g. ”Product manuals are always handled by Emil”
  • Quick delegation to junior colleagues or temporary workers

An overview of everything and for everyone

Freelo allows you to track work activities from the perspective of a single project, a user or all projects. At the same time, everyone in the team can see only what they are supposed to see. Clear responsibilities and a clear information structure.

  • Smart notifications keep the whole team in the loop
  • Dashboard with custom views for easy control across the projects
  • Managing access to projects and To-Do lists will allow the internal team to collaborate with outsourcers and contractors in one place.

Who uses Freelo in NEDCON?

”We have invited senior and middle management, and people in the offices to Freelo. There are about 50 users in total. There's no need for that in production and on the shop floor.”

How did you handle the work agenda in NEDCON before Freelo?

”We had To-Do lists and files spread out in different folders and Excels. The problem was the lack of clarity, difficult maintenance, we were constantly looking for files and it was not clear who was working on what, what was finished and what state it was in.”

How was the implementation of Freelo in NEDCON?

”After a thorough security review, we decided to apply Freelo for projects, processes, meetings of a longer or permanent nature. We use it at all levels of management, i.e. also in operations. I would divide the implementation into two phases. The first phase involved implementing Freelo as an application. The second part of the implementation involved introducing Freelo to the employees and training them. We also have two main administrators who introduce the new features to the staff and train them.”

What has changed in NEDCON after the transition to Freelo?

  • We have cancelled the excels
  • We like to use labels, task reminders, repeated tasks and a calendar
  • We use templates for employee training and new employee introduction
  • E-mail notifications are great
  • We are good at large and long-term projects at Freelo.
  • We have an overview, we know who's doing what and what's what.

”We use templates especially for processes and projects that are repeated, e.g. the start of a new employee. We mostly use Freelo to create projects, To-Do lists, tasks and everything related to it. I like that the constant development makes working with Freelo more intuitive and faster. I also really appreciate the customer service, which is absolutely excellent. At the moment Freelo is fully satisfactory for us, but especially with larger projects I miss a bit more levels of To-Do lists.”

Karolina Jastrembska
Industrial Engineer,NEDCON

Who uses Freelo in LD seating?

”At Freelo, we handle the organization of tasks in the development and marketing departments. There are now around 40 of us at Freelo. We're not going to introduce Freelo into production yet - there it's managed by what's on the ”belt” and not by tasks, so there's no need for that.”

How did you handle the agenda in LDseating before Freelo?

”Marketing was not keeping up with development and there were long delays, we were not meeting deadlines and we were not very efficient. It was harder to collaborate and communication between departments was lacking.”

How was the introduction of Freelo at LDseating?

”In the first wave of covid, we needed to work better remotely. We tried Freelo and people quickly took a liking to it. At first we tested with a team of 3-6, where I knew I wouldn't run into disuse and they would help me tweak it for the rest of the company.”

What has changed in LDseating after the transition to Freelo?

  • We can solve many more problems and be more efficient
  • Cooperation and communication between departments has been improved and made clearer
  • We use templates e.g. for new product launches
  • We have an affiliated metal fabrication company where we will also be introducing Freelo to keep production on track
  • We are comfortable scheduling tasks in the Freelo calendar
  • I appreciate the Czech language, great support (quick replies) and I have a clear head :)

“We use Freelo in the marketing department, partly in development and partly in an associated metal fabrication company. Freelo helped us to maintain control over projects that go through multiple departments and two companies. Everything is clear. The processes follow each other effectively, or we process them collaterally.“

Jakub Huráb
Sales and marketing,LD seating

Who uses Freelo in NEOTA?

”Freelo is used in the office, so we primarily use it for managers, salespeople, developers, technicians, and in production it is used for now for managers who need to plan and task.With an expanding sales team, I am now planning to integrate Freelo more into their work to make evaluation and planning simple and clear. 13 people are actively using Freelo.”

How did you handle the agenda in NEOTA before Freelo?

”Before the introduction of Freelo, tasks were divided - some to specific people, some hanging in the air. It was impossible to control the progress, give a fixed deadline, assign a specific person, and have the ability to add or change the task. If the output was a document, a file or just something virtual, everything was forwarded by email. Communication was not clear, it was a hell to trace something back.
The second style of work was to hand over the documents to, for example, a graphic agency, a printer, a subcontractor. Which with Freelo is easy to share via a public link in two clicks. I've even invited a few contractors to Freelo and we only communicate with them through Freelo.”

How was the implementation of Freelo in NEOTA?

”The implementation is basically still in progress. I'm giving the possibilities of Freelo gradually, so that people get to know the system in a non-violent way and I show them the possibilities and what can be solved with Freelo. I have prepared an initial training in the form of a checklist. Every once in a while, I'll then post a tip, a tweak, a simplification on the group chat that I feel others could really use.”

What has changed in NEOTA after the transition to Freelo?

  • Better and clearer cooperation/communication with external entities
  • We like to use subtasks, notes, calendar and kanban
  • We liked the templates for training employees, organizing events (fairs, training), creating advertising campaigns, creating a website (microsite) and creating product instructions
  • Easily share notes with information via a public link
  • We use: Add to my priorities, ”Alerts are given to” and mobile apps

”Freelo in NEOTA CZ s.r.o. mainly deals with marketing activities, tasks within the company and the work of the sales department. It also helps us with delegating tasks between branches. As far as production is concerned, Freelo is only involved in a partial part of the production process that is non-standard or related to production - for example, the creation of stickers or manuals. Standard production processes are handled by our own system.”

Zdeněk Stoklasa
External marketing specialist,NEOTA CZ s.r.o.

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Project: Product development Project: Product development Dashboard: User's tasks Dashboard: User's tasks
Report: Monthly reports Report: Monthly reports Project: Meetings Project: Meetings
Template:Incorporating a newcomer Template:Incorporating a newcomer Task: Discussion and files Task: Discussion and files
Project: Product launch Project: Product launch Note: Business Manual Note: Business Manual

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