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PHP Backend programmer

Pardubice PHP 8.1 (Nette) Gitlab RabbitMQ Doctrine (PostgreSQL) Elasticsearch Redis We grow by 100 % year-on-year. Our work agenda is handled by companies such as Olympus, Nikon, Kärcher, Simplia, Supercoders, Prague 7 and many others. Do you want to know more?

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I enjoy developing a tool that I also use on a daily basis. In other words, Freelo is what keeps our entire team afloat. We organize all our work through it, discuss tasks, track time, etc. This puts even the developer in the role of a user and he quickly learns to work with Freelo and understands its philosophy. I'm certainly motivated by the fact that users themselves influence improvements to existing features and the creation of new ones, and often write about new features themselves and take an active interest in Freelo's development. Then you can be sure that what you program will always have a use and you know that it will make the daily work of many teams a little bit easier. From a programmer's point of view, it is important for me that we write clean code and test it using unit tests. The important business logic is then covered by integration tests. We use PHPStan static analysis and CodeSniffer helps us comb the code. We take care of the correct development principles and we pay attention to code review. We try to keep the technology debt as low as possible and update regularly to the latest PHP versions and libraries used. As the number of users grows, we address application speed optimizations. Typical: ”Tomorrow it has to be done, the client is pushing” , fortunately there is no threat and so nothing is unnecessarily stitched with a hot needle. We are still testing the new features in advance (final user testing) on our development server and debugging the last bugs and bugs.”
Jakub Sedlařík
Backend programmer
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”We are a small team at Freelo, but we stick together all the more, and not just at work. Over the years of development, Freelo has grown to become a recognized solution for team communication. There are hundreds of companies dealing with their agenda in it every day, so it's extremely important that everything works as it should. And that's primarily my job. I need you to not be afraid to ask questions, be able to collaborate to find the best solution, and follow through (deploy to production, fix bugs, and develop features).”
Karel Borkovec
Lead programmer and co-founder of Freelo

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Honza Kulda, Co-founder
Karel Borkovec, Co-founder
Karel Dytrych, Co-Founder
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PHP Backend programmer
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