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Pardubice/Remote Ansible Terminal Debian Nginx PHP Gitlab Performance We grow by 100 % year-on-year. Our work agenda is handled by companies such as Olympus, Nikon, Kärcher, Simplia, Supercoders, Prague 7 and many others. Do you want to know more?

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We would love to welcome an experienced senior, but if the below fits you, you can also be an enthusiastic junior/graduate/enthusiast who we can teach the rest...

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“We are a small team at Freelo, but we stick together all the more, and not just at work. Over the years of development, Freelo has grown to become a recognized solution for team communication. Thousands of companies use it every day to manage their agenda, so it's extremely important that everything works as it should. And that's primarily my job. I need you to be unafraid to ask questions, collaborate to find the best solution and follow through.“
Karel Borkovec
Lead programmer and co-founder of Freelo

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Honza Kulda, Co-founder
Karel Borkovec, Co-founder
Karel Dytrych, Co-Founder
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Frontend programmer & UI coder with a focus on UX (Vue.js/JS/TS/CSS tailwind)
B2B SaaS Marketing Specialist #GrowthHacker
Senior PHP Backend Programmer
PHP Backend programmer
Sales Manager


The team sees all figures including finance. We believe that great things can happen without limits and borders.


With colleagues, customers and business partners we always strive for sustainable and synergistic relationships.


We carefully choose who we will board. With us all crew members pull together.


Thanks to Freelo work 103 455 of usersmore effectively. We pay attention to quality, safety and user-friendliness.