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Country managers for Poland, Germany, Estonia, Denmark, Hungary, the Netherlands, Romania and Latvia

Once a week Pardubice / Prague Business Growth Marketing Support Community management Freelo is an online application where teams manage their work agenda. We successfully compete with Basecamp, Trello or Asana. We're growing 100% year-on-year. Our customers are companies like Olympus, Nikon, Tefal, Kärcher or We are in the top 20 Project Management tools on and plan to move up. Can you help us get Freelo out into the world?

Freelo is expanding into these countries:

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Honza Kulda, Co-founder
Karel Borkovec, Co-founder
Karel Dytrych, Co-Founder
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PHP Backend programmer
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The team sees all figures including finance. We believe that great things can happen without limits and borders.


With colleagues, customers and business partners we always strive for sustainable and synergistic relationships.


We carefully choose who we will board. With us all crew members pull together.


Thanks to Freelo work 103 455 of usersmore effectively. We pay attention to quality, safety and user-friendliness.