Human Resources

Human Resources

What's your company's most valuable asset? 👉 Your people. We've teamed up with HR experts to create the essence of what matters most. How to attract, retain and develop your workforce so that everyone is happy and business just blooms. Proven practice backed up with a bit of key theory.

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Everything about the Recruitment Process: Where to Find Employees

Mid-2023 brings optimism to the labor market. Companies plan to replenish staff after freezing tenders at the end of the previous year amid fears of a looming crisis. This means a renewed shift of power towards candidates who feel "they can choose". Recruiting for a slightly more difficult position costs the company around CZK 300,000 (according to flow-r), so the motivation to get through the selection process as quickly as possible and especially the first time is huge.
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Constructive Feedback: 10 Tips on How to React Well and Build Stronger Teams

Performance interviews, activity feedback, 1:1 status, 121 meetings etc. Does your stomach get heavy and do you get goosebumps when it's time to face these things? Unfortunately, many of us have grown up in a culture where evaluation is seen as something unpleasant, something you can't comment on, and from which punishment is likely to result. Think back to those school report cards. [alert type="primary" title="Employees deserve feedback"]Although feedback is sometimes unpleasant, 75% of employees believe it is valuable. And 65% of employees said they would like to receive feedback more often.[/alert]

Fighting with Motivation: Why Every Second Employee Struggles with It and How to Spark their Drive

In the Czech Republic, 44% of employees lack motivation. Even fewer are motivated and satisfied, only 39%. According to global statistics, only 15% of employees are truly engaged. So in a global context, this is not a bad result. But what about all the innovation, productivity and, in short, money that low motivation robs us of?
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A Glossary of Tricky HR and Labor Law Terms

Everyone comes across the concepts of HR and employment law at least once in a while. That may even be the cause of several common inaccuracies and misconceptions within the field. Before diving into the Overview of employee compensation, make sure you understand the following concepts.
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Employee Motivation Theory: A Practical Taster

Before we get into the specifics of the Overview of employee compensation, let's recap a bit of theory. Don't worry, we're not going to explain Maslow's pyramid for the tenth time. If you can safely tell the difference between motive, incentive, motivator and hygiene factor, check out the Glossary of HR and labor law terms and then jump straight to the remuneration. The rest of you, come refresh your knowledge on growth mindset, ikigai and other concepts.

An Overview of Employee Compensation. What Do Employees Really Care About?

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. workers quit their jobs in 2021 because of low pay. According to the LMC, the feeling of being undervalued is also a major reason for job dissatisfaction in the Czech Republic. However, pay is not the only way to value employees. Sometimes "simple" praise is enough. Or a whole arsenal of motivational means. Do you know them all?